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Which class should I sign up for/take?  

Basic Beginner

Students who have never had ANY dance training, or any NY Style Salsa "On 2" lesson.

In this level you will learn the Basics steps of NY Style Salsa “On2” open footwork "shines", partner work. 

​Introduction of timing - The overall fundamentals of listening/dancing to Salsa.

As well as learning how to coordinate your body movement while dancing on the beat of the music.


Advanced Beginner

Students who have Some “On2” experience (required) - refer to the Basic Beginners description.

This level builds on all fundamentals covered on the previous level, and further expand your knowledge of the different ways (Timing) of executing your Shines and Turn Patterns.

By the end of this level you should understand the Tumbao and Clave.



In order to take this level, you must have completed our Advanced Beginner level and promoted (by an instructor) to the next level. This level will cover the latest Moves and Partner Work.

Timing – At this point you should understand multiple musical phrases, synchronize your open footwork (shines) and turn patterns with the music.

Bachata 1.0

This Level is for students who have NEVER had ANY Bachata or ANY dance training. Learn the basics steps of the authentic Dominican Style Bachata "Moderna", turning technique and its fast footwork. Introduction of timing and the overall fundamentals of dancing/listening to the Bachata music.

Bachata 2.0

This Level is for students who have completed our Bachata 1.0 Level.  This level will expand on our Bachata Program, covering the latest and hottest moves and Partner Work.

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