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Private Lessons with JJLD

*Can't attend our group classes due to your schedule? 

No worries. We are available for Private Lessons on appointment basis!

*Don't like taking group lessons?

We customize our private lessons based on Your needs and focus on what you would like to work on the most.

Our private lessons are a great way to improve and enhance your level of dancing in a more relaxed and comfortable setting, all while getting all of the personal attention that you're looking for.

In a 1-on-1 setting, it gives us the opportunity to dance directly with you, work on your timing, body movement, lead/follow technique, posture, and more.

Already have some experience dancing?

Private lessons with an instructor will help identify and break bad habits as well as improve on your existing technique.


Our Private Lessons are usually:

  • In groups of 1-2 persons with the instructor.


Our normal rate for Private Lessons are:

$75/hr for 1 person or $125/hr for 2 persons.

**Please contact us for the rate of  small private group lessons for 3 or more people.



​​For more information or to book a private lesson, please text Julian at 401-996-1566 or via email:

Private Lessons with JJLD
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