How does the 6 weeks program work?

Each Program (Level) meets once a week, for 6 consecutive weeks (please refer to the Class Schedule).

How much are the classes?


We offer Special Packages 

(Please check our Register page and check our current Special).


Walk-ins are welcomed - Cost per Class is $20/person 

Which class should I sign up for/take?  

Basic Beginner

Students who have never had ANY dance training, or any NY Style Salsa "On 2" lesson. In this level you will learn the Basics steps of NY Style Salsa “On2”


Advanced Beginner

Students who have Some “On2” experience (required) - refer to the Basic Beginners description. This level focuses and goes over the world renowned Santo Rico Pivot Technique, further expand you knowledge of Timing. 



In order to take this level, you must have completed our Advance Beginner level and promoted (by an instructor) to the next level. This level mainly helps to polish the fundamentals and expand your overall knowledge of dancing.

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