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Concern about COVID-19?

- We are following all of the CDC Protocols and guidelines.

​- Our Instructors are fully vaccinated.

- All students need to wash their hands prior to class and we supply Hand Sanitizer.

- Limited to 20 students at a time. 


How does your In-Person Group Lessons work?

​Our In-Person group lessons are based on a 6 Weeks Program.

Each Program (Level) meets once a week, for 6 consecutive weeks (please refer to the Class Schedule).

Do you accept walk-ins / Can I try a class?

Walk-ins are welcomed - Cost per Class is $20/person 


What is the cost for the In-Person Group Lessons?

We offer Special Packages (please check our Sign Up page and check our current Special).

Do I need a Partner to take classes?

​No. Most of our students come on their own. During the Partner Work, we have everybody rotate and dance with everybody accordingly. 

What kind of clothes should I use?  

​Comfortable clothes (most students wear work out clothes). 

Do I need special shoes?

We recommend Latin Dance shoes, if you don't have any, we suggest to wear Light shoes/sneakers (i.e. Converse or Puma) - - Do NOT Wear Boots, Flip Flop, Sandals nor  Stiletto heel.

*We are Very Fine Shoes Distributors and would be more than glad to assist you with your dance shoes shopping.


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