We specialize in NY Style Salsa "On2" (Santo Rico method), authentic Dominican Bachata "Moderna", Specialty classes ~ Styling & Spinning~ and ~Essence of Leading & Following~, Pachanga, Cha Cha Cha and Performance training.


Our philosophy is to teach our students how to dance having as much fun as possible in an inviting and friendly atmosphere. ​*Our classes are based on a Progressive 6 Weeks Program.

Classes will be structured with emphasis on the basic elements as you move up the ladder. All group classes focus on the fundamentals and techniques of the NY Style Salsa "On2" (Santo Rico method).


Note: The first half of each class will consist of the open-footwork (shines) and the second half of the latest turn patterns. The class will also include leading techniques for men, following technique for women, spinning technique, body isolation and styling.


Our classes are based on a progressive 6 weeks program. This method has proven to be a very effective method of learning how to dance correctly in a short period of time in NY and around the world, with a clear sense of direction and concept of the music and dance.


Note: Each student’s progress is assessed at the end of each Program, before being promoted to the next level.

Class Description  

Basic Beginner

This Level is for Students who have NEVER had ANY dance training, or any NY Style Salsa "On 2" lesson.

In this level you will learn the Basics steps of NY Style Salsa “On2” (Santo Rico method), open footwork and partner work.

Introduction of timing - The overall fundamentals of listening/dancing to Salsa.

You’ll learn what to listen on the music (Conga, Bass, Piano.)  As well as learning how to coordinate your body movement.


Advanced Beginner

This Level is for Students who have Some “On2” experience (required) - refer to the Basic Beginners description. 

This level focuses and goes over the world renowned Santo Rico Pivot Technique, further expand you knowledge of Timing. 

By the end of this level you should know the Rules to Follow when Learning new materials, have better understanding of different musical phrases, different ways to count/step the beats of the music.



To take this level, we highly recommend you have completed our Advance Beginner level and promoted (by an instructor).

This level mainly helps to polish the fundamentals and expand your overall knowledge of dancing.

At this point you should understand multiple musical phrases, synchronize your open footwork (shines) and turn patterns with the music.

Bachata 1.0

This Level is for students who have NEVER had ANY Bachata or ANY dance training. Learn the basics steps of the authentic Dominican Style Bachata "Moderna", turning technique and its fast footwork. Introduction of timing and the overall fundamentals of dancing/listening to the Bachata music.

Bachata 2.0

This Level is for students who have completed our Bachata 1.0 Level.  This level will expand on our Bachata Program, covering the latest and hottest moves and Partner Work.

Specialty Classes Description


Styling & Spinning Specialty Classes

These classes are specifically for the Salseros and Salseras who are interested in enhancing the overall look and feel of their dancing. These classes will focus in areas such as body rhythm, isolations, themes of each shines, arm movements, and spinning technique in order to help you discover your own style.

Leading & Following Specialty Classes

These classes are designed to go over all of the Do's and Don'ts, as well all of the details of how to Lead and Follow each other, in order to execute all of the turn patterns with ease.

PRACTICA (Practice Parties) & Salsa Socials 

Our bi-monthly PRACTICA, helps you improve your fundamentals of executing partner work (on your respective level) and serves as overall practice. It expands your knowledge of leading and following while dancing with a partner, and learn how to improvise on the dance floor.

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