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JJ Latin Dancers
  • JJ Latin Dancers
  • JJ Latin Dancers
  • JJ Latin Dancers
  • JJ Latin Dancers
JJ Latin Dancers Studio was establish in 2007 in Rhode Island. Specializing in Latin Street Dance, in the NY Style Salsa "On2", Authentic Dominican Style Bachata "Moderna", Pachanga, Cha-Cha-Chá, Specialty Classes in Body Movements "Styling", Turning & Spinning, and the Essence of Leading & Following.

*For your convenience we offer Virtual classes so you can learn anytime anywhere.


JJLD The Belas
JJLD The Belas
Named after our daughter Anabela, this is our Ladies Team, established in 2021.


Named after our son Xavier, this is our Men Team establish in 2023.

Our Mission

To keep our culture alive by educating and promoting Latin dance and music, as well as exhibiting the street dance as the Art form that it is.


To keep inspiring others, sharing our passion for the music, while using the creative dance form of the streets and combining it with technique.


In order to accomplish our mission, we offer multiple classes during the week and promoted multiple events such as:

Providence's 1st Jamboree Showcase, Jambo Mambo Party, The Lost Rhythms in Salsa, Mambo Jambo Fest ~ A Dance Showcase, Mambo Jamboree ~ A Dance Showcase, BELARAMAs and many Socials and practice parties (a.k.a. PRACTICA).

Julian and Jasmin of JJ Latin Dancers
Julian Hidalgo and Tomas Guerrero

Santo Rico

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Our History

JJ Latin Dancers was founded in the summer of 2000 (known as Millenium Dancers at the time) by Julian Hidalgo. After graduating from High School, Hidalgo’s passion of dancing and performing transcended into a reality, by creating his very own dance project.


At the end 2006, at the age of 24, Hidalgo went from teaching from his house to an apartment and in March of 2007, opened the first NY Style Salsa "On2" studio in the state of Rhode Island. At such a young age and without any mentor, Hidalgo directed, instructed, and managed the dance studio on his very own.  Hidalgo’s passion for teaching quickly evolved to creating choreographies and dance teams.


Hidalgo and his dance company have taught and performed in many local festivals and events. As well as many Salsa and Bachata Congresses across the United States; including the Connecticut Salsa Festival, Boston Salsa Festival, Las Vegas Congress, New York Salsa Congress, Texas Bachata Festival, USA Bachata and Kizomba Festival (NJ), TriState Dance Festival, Mambo Mania NYC, Atlanta and more. 


In 2013, JJ Latin Dancers enlisted their first Co-Owner, Jasmin Hidalgo Medina. Together, they've taught the art and essence of NY Style “On 2” and both Authentic and Modern Style Bachata. Both directors are dedicated to ensuring that their students grasp not only the dance itself, but the culture that lies within the dance.


In late January of 2015, the world renowned F. Tomas Guerrero contacted Hidalgo to become the first Santo Rico Certified Instructor outside of the Santo Rico Dance Company.  In October 2015, Hidalgo completed All Levels of the Certification.

JJ Latin Dancers Logo

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Julian "JJ" Hidalgo

Founder / President


JJ was born in Washington Heights in New York City, and raised in Rhode Island.

His family is originally from the Dominican Republic.


JJ's interest in Latin dancing sparked during his adolescent years. During his high school years, he participated in many cultural events, and was one of the performers for their Latino club.

In order to pursue his dancing interest, Hidalgo started to take many classes with Santo Rico, Yamulee, Joshua Gomez, Huracan Dance Studio, Freddie Rios, and the Mambo King himself Eddie Torres.


Hidalgo's passion and drive for dancing is beyond words. In 2001, Hidalgo had a fatal car accident in which he lost his mother and was left in a coma. Hidalgo had to relearn how to walk and reintroduce his body to dancing. Hidalgo fought his way through, and pushed himself to be able to dance again.


JJ's mother was his motivation to never give up, she always encouraged and believed in his talent. Til this day as Hidalgo teaches and performs, he does it to honor his mother. 


Jasmin Hidalgo-Medina

Vice President


Jasmin Hidalgo Medina was born and raised in the state of Rhode Island. Medina’s family is originally from the Dominican Republic and Germany.


Jasmin earned her Healthcare Administration Bachelors degree from Rhode Island College in 2016. This Dominican and German dancing sensation’s passion for dance began at the age of 12. She began taking belly dance classes at Jade Belly Dance. Medina became an instructor for Jade Belly Dance at the age of 16. Medina has also taken classes with Sadie Marquardt and Irina Akulenko.  


Meanwhile in 2011, Jasmin began to take Salsa lessons with Julian at JJ Latin Dancers studio, where she developed a passion for Salsa. In 2012, she performed salsa for the first time, and later became the Co-Owner of JJ Latin Dancers. Jasmin has both traveled and performed across the United States with JJ Latin Dancers. She has also taken classes with Santo Rico, Huracan, Yamulee, Baila Society, and April Genovese, Delia Madera and Sekou McMiller.

Our Instructors



I have been an off and on student for a few years now, always returning. Julian has a teaching and dancing style that I appreciate. You definetely will get a bang for your money. He and wife Jasmin offer such detail to attention, support and encouragement to each student, the quality is similar to a private lesson. You cannot go wrong them.


Julian is an awesome instructor. He articulates the dance steps and moves to a "T". He focuses on each student and guides them to be the best they can be. Julian and Jasmin, both bring out the best in everyone. The class comes together and all the students help one another, which is fun & challenging. Jasmin's grace and detail to coordination in Ladies' Styling will make any woman feel confident in her dance moves. I truly enjoy my lessons. "Julian & Jasmine, thank you both for your confidence in me and for being two amazing people!"


Loved taking classes from Julian and Jasmin. I took bachata class and I loved it. They are very professional and very easy to follow. I plan to continue classes at JJ Latin Dancers.


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