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Our History

JJ Latin Dancers was founded in the summer of 2000 by Julian Hidalgo. After graduating from High School, Hidalgo’s passion of dancing and performing transcended into a reality, by creating his very own dance project.


At the end 2006, at the age of 24, Hidalgo was the first to open a NY Style Salsa "On2" studio in the state of Rhode Island. At such a young age and without any mentor, Hidalgo directed, instructed, and managed the dance studio on his very own.  Hidalgo’s passion for teaching quickly evolved to creating choreographies and dance teams.


Hidalgo and his dance company have taught and performed in many local festivals and events. As well as many Salsa and Bachata Congresses across the United States; including the Connecticut Salsa Festival, Boston Salsa Festival, Las Vegas Congress, New York Salsa Congress, Texas Bachata Festival, USA Bachata and Kizomba Festival (NJ), Atlanta and more. 


In 2013, JJ Latin Dancers enlisted their first Co-Owner, Jasmin Hidalgo Medina. Together, they've taught the art and essence of NY Style “On 2” and both Authentic and Modern Style Bachata. Both directors are dedicated to ensuring that their students grasp not only the dance itself, but the culture that lies within the dance.


In late January of 2015, the world renowned F. Tomas Guerrero contacted Hidalgo to become the first Santo Rico Certified Instructor outside of the Santo Rico Dance Company.  In October 2015, Hidalgo completed All Levels of the Certification.

Our Mission

To keep our culture alive by educating and promoting Latin dance and music, as well as exhibiting the street dance as the Art form that it is.


To keep inspiring others, sharing our passion for the music, while using the creative dance form of the streets and combining it with technique, this dance group is devoted to place RI in the map.


In order to accomplish our mission, we offer multiple classes during the week and promoted multiple events such as: Providence's 1st Jamboree Showcase, Jambo Mambo Party, The Lost Rhythms in Salsa, Mambo Jambo Fest ~ A Dance Showcase, Mambo Jamboree ~ A Dance Showcase, BELARAMA and many Socials and practice parties (a.k.a. PRACTICA).


JJ Latin Dancers

Salsa "On2" & Bachata

Dance Studio

881 Main Street  Pawtucket, RI 02860

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"Julian will take a complicated move and break it down to the point where you understand your still doing your basics. If he sees you making a mistake he will explain how to correct it. It's a structured class so you can't help but improve. He stresses the basics. Everyone is smiling in class which is a bonus."

Kenneth Johnon

February 9, 2017

"Julian and Jasmin are highly accomplished instructors. They bring a level of detail and focused attention to the group classes that you will only get in a private session. Add to that the Santo Rico method of instruction, whose progressive syllabus teaches you how to learn. This almost guarantees that you will get more than what you put into the dance by way of your personal effort.  Oh, and did I mention that I also made some great friends here."

Shiraz Ritwik

December 23, 2016

"Awesome atmosphere, the instructors take there time and help you learn the steps."

Mary Pereira Santana

August 7, 2016