Julian "JJ" Hidalgo


Artistic Director



JJ was born in Washington Heights in New York City, and raised in Rhode Island.

His family is originally from the Dominican Republic.


JJ's interest in Latin dancing sparked during his adolescent years. During his high school years, he participated in many cultural events, and was one of the performers for their Latino club.

In order to pursue his dancing interest, Hidalgo started to take many classes with Santo Rico, Yamulee, Joshua Gomez, Huracan Dance Studio, Freddie Rios, and the Mambo King himself Eddie Torres.


Hidalgo's passion and drive for dancing is beyond words. In 2001, Hidalgo had a fatal car accident in which he lost his mother and was left in a coma. Hidalgo had to relearn how to walk and reintroduce his body to dancing. Hidalgo fought his way through, and pushed himself to be able to dance again.


JJ's mother was his motivation to never give up, she always encouraged and believed in his talent. Til this day as Hidalgo teaches and performs, he does it to honor his mother. 

Jasmin Hidalgo




Jasmin Hidalgo Medina was born and raised in the state of Rhode Island. Medina’s family is originally from the Dominican Republic and Germany.


Jasmin earned her Healthcare Administration Bachelors degree from Rhode Island College in 2016. This Dominican and German dancing sensation’s passion for dance began at the age of 12. She began taking belly dance classes at Jade Belly Dance. Medina became an instructor for Jade Belly Dance at the age of 16. Medina has also taken classes with Sadie Marquardt and Irina Akulenko.  


Meanwhile in 2011, Jasmin began to take salsa lessons with Julian at JJ Latin Dancers studio, where she developed a passion for salsa. In 2012, she performed salsa for the first time, and later became the Co-Owner of JJ Latin Dancers. Medina has both traveled and performed across the United States with JJ Latin Dancers. Medina has also taken classes with Santo Rico, Huracan, Yamulee, Baila Society, and April Genovese.

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